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The Trump Clown Show
Created and directed by Paul Cross

 May 16-May 19, 2019

 Contemporary clowning with some contemporary clowns. This highly audience interactive clowning show promises to be a cathartic experience for those who realize that Trump is the biggest clown of the free world.  Witness and participate in the highs and lows of Clown Trump's relationship with Clown Putin and Clown Kim Jong Un, with visits by other clowns in Trump's clown world.  Clown Trump is fueled by your anger, yet he wants your approval, so come boo him on as he deals with being the most oblivious, most hated, and most disgusting clown you've ever seen.

Rated M for Mature Audiences

Stephen Bowers as Clown Donald Trump
Amir Razeghi as Clown Kim Jong Un
Paul Cross as Clown Vladimir Putin
Accompaniment by Professional Cellist, Jeremiah Seefeldt

Thursday 05/16/19 @8pm
Friday 05/17/19 @8pm
Saturday 05/18/19 @9:30 pm
Sunday 05/19/19 @2:00PM

General Admission $26
VIP Front Row $32