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DOG SEES GOD: Self-Tape Auditions

OB Playhouse is auditioning for the play, “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” Written by Bert V. Royal.

Directed by Juztine Tuazon

We will be accepting video auditions (with in-person invitational callbacks at a later date) through Feb. 9th. Please film one (or more if interested in multiple roles) of the attached audition sides and send it along with your headshot, resume, and any conflicts from the start of rehearsals through closing night. The last day to submit will be Feb. 9th 2019 (02/09/2019) at midnight. SIDES DO NOT NEED TO BE MEMORIZED but please make sure the lighting is good enough to make your face visible. Upload your video on YouTube or Vimeo as unlisted/private. Send the link with a headshot (JPG or PNG) and resume (PDF) to obplayhouseauditions@gmail.com

This unauthorized parody tells the story of the beloved Peanuts characters in highschool. After suffering a significant loss, CB begins to question the existence of an afterlife. His best friend is too burnt out to provide any coherent speculation; his sister has gone goth; his ex-girlfriend has recently been institutionalized; and his other friends are too inebriated to give him any sort of solace. But a chance meeting with an artistic kid, the target of this group's bullying, offers CB a peace of mind and sets in motion a friendship that will push teen angst to the very limits. Drug use, suicide, eating disorders, teen violence, rebellion and sexual identity collide and careen toward an ending that's both haunting and hopeful.

Rehearsals begin March 4th 2019 and will generally run Monday-Wednesday beginning at 7 p.m. (Some weekends may be added closer to performances.)

Production Days/Times: April 18, 2019 - May 12, 2019 (this show will run Thursday’s and Saturday’s at 8 p.m. and Sunday’s at 7 p.m. (This play is running in alternating rep with “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”)

All roles are available and open to any ethnicity.

Somewhat physically imposing. Lost, finding himself, bisexual (must be comfortable kissing another male), filled with hate and angst, pushes against the system. He’s strong enough to blaze his own path, but not strong enough to follow it through. Must be comfortable with kissing the same sex; basic stage combat experience a plus.

CB’s younger sister. Shares the search for an identity with him, but differs in that she experiments with different influences: this week she is Goth, last week she was a die-hard Baptist. She is a bit of a free spirit and artistically inclined. Avoids conforming to social norms and is very committed to her individuality.

He is a pot-smoking Buddhist and has taken on the role of philosopher in his group, despite the fact that his brain is often clouded by his prolific use of marijuana. He is often the only one with a grasp on reality, generally staying out of the craziness that his friends seem to get tangled in.

She has now been institutionalized for setting the “Little Red-Headed Girl’s” hair on fire. She gives multiple reasons for this, ranging from jealousy of CB’s affection to having just terminated a pregnancy and overheard the girl talking about what “whores” this school has; she never fully admits which story is true, it’s possible that there is truth to all of them. She provides CB with some much-needed amateur therapy, just like old times. Despite the circumstances the play finds her in, she somehow seems to be the most psychologically sound of all the characters.

His effeminate nature and passion for music, as well as a very public arrest of his father for raping him, has labeled him as gay in the eyes of his peers; he is constantly, violently bullied for his assumed sexuality; he avoids everyone at his school and dives into his piano practice as the only thing that makes him happy; CB’s sexual advances change everything for him, not necessarily for the better; must be comfortable with kissing the same sex. Piano skills are a PLUS. Please mention your piano skills in your submission.

Now a complete germaphobe. He is sensitive to a point of extreme volatility over his old nickname and reputation for living in filth; he is extremely homophobic, and hates Beethoven for “seeming gay”; he holds on to CB being his best friend for dear life, and is extremely threatened by CB’s relationship with Beethoven; it is implied that Matt is suppressing his own homosexual feelings for CB. Involves stage violence.

A classic tomboy as a child, but as a teen she has become one of the most popular and attractive girls in school. She likes to party and hook up, she is a social climber and enjoys the power she has over others, she is also repressing a key aspect of her true self. Though never spoken outright in the play, the general consensus is that her last name is York.

Attached at the hip to her best friend, Tricia. She still has the same heightened intelligence of her youth, but hides it behind a “popular chick’s sidekick” persona, always trying to mimic Tricia’s mannerisms and personality to fit in. She really wants to sleep with CB, but will also happily take Matt, or anyone for that matter. She throws a massive party at her house while her parents are away.

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