OB Playhouse and Theatre Company

& Theatre Company (619) 795-9305

Performances: May 12th and 13th @ 9:00pm

“The Young Matador” a sensational everything for everybody’s evening of entertainment, created, directed and performed by Derrick Gilday and Dan Griffiths.

This show has dancing ( ballroom- tap-ballet-Martial arts and mime), stand up and situational comedy, drama, mystery, FARCE, live music accompanying the entire presentation by two of the members of the Gypsy Jazz inspired Trio Gadjo …Guitar featuring Aaron Mahn and stand-up Base by Jeremy Eikam, fantastic costuming (a beautiful Matador’s cape & hat that Derrick himself made by hand), sets, lighting and props, insight, pathos, arrogance--- a fire-breathing bull and bowl fighting, poisoning and MUCH MORE!!!

The two sensational musicians, Aaron and Jeremy, capable of carrying an evening of entertainment by themselves, accompanied every moment and movement with beautiful melodies and were entertaining on their own to just watch. A problem here was that so much was going on at the same time that seeing this show several times might not give us a true remembrance of every nuance presented.
This performance, produced by Teatro Gusto Fino, on many levels will please everyone, of every age, curtain to curtain.


Special thanks to John Howard for these amazing production photos!