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The German Theater Group San Diego Presents: Ein Abend mit "Loriot"
Join us for an evening of laughter with humorous skits, such as "Die Jodelschule", "Der Kosakenzipfel", "Die Eheberatung", Herren im Bad" by the famous German comedian, "Loriot" as well as some musical entertainment!

The show will be performed in German!
An English summary of each skit will be provided in the program!

Vicco von Bülow, alias "Loriot", is one of the champions of timeless comedy in Germany. Whether as an author, illustrator, actor, or director, he succeeds with his dry, unique sense of humor. With precise observation, his scenes and sketches take on human shortcomings and weaknesses. When we laugh at his sketches, we always laugh about ourselves. That is the brilliant thing about Loriot: he reflects on the normal citizen in his/her everyday life so charmingly, without ever diminishing him/her. There is always a wink and smirk.

Loriot was part of a generation of European comedians who still mastered the 'comedy esperanto' of funny walks, awkward grimaces and collapsing chairs, such as Charlie Chaplin, Karl Valentin, the Pythons, Luis de Funes, Jacques Tati and others. These were comedians whose acts translated across language barriers.